Pediatric Dentistry of San Marcos is one of our favorites!

Okay, time to highlight another one of our favorite dental offices! Pediatric Dentistry of San Marcos is one of our favorites! Dr. Z actually takes his kids to this office for their routine dental care and even occasional cavity (I am ashamed that my kids have gotten cavities! – but I promise that any candy they eat is not my fault probably!). Dr. Greg Allen and Dr. Nadia Bala are a husband and wife combo that takes great pride in everything they do. They both teach and work at Rady’s Children’s Hospital part-time while maintaining a busy schedule at their private practice here in San Marcos. They are at the cutting edge of all things dentistry and keep their education fresh by teaching younger doctors in their pediatric dentistry residencies. Their list of accomplishments and credentials is too big for me to keep listing, but you can be assured that they practice at the highest standard of care!

Their office is beautiful and they have TVs for kids to watch a show while they are getting their work done. Their staff is super helpful and friendly. Honestly, I haven’t met too many kids that love going to the dentist, but somehow my kids have never complained once going to the dentist, and they actually enjoy going to get their teeth clean! It’s amazing to me because I see kids in my office scared to come to the orthodontist sometimes – and I don’t even do anything scary! They really do a fantastic job and we are so lucky to work right next to their office – we highly recommend them for any and all children’s dental needs!